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How long does it take for an architect to draw up plans?

Architects drawings are a crucial part of the design process for any construction project. They show a detailed representation of the proposed design and include important information such as the dimensions, materials, and finishes to be used. But how long can you expect architects drawings to take? In this article we will discuss how long different types of architects drawings can take on your project.

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What do architects drawings show?

Architects drawings are the key main documents for a construction project. They show the entirety of the layout, details and products to be used as part of your building project.

These items are important from the very start of the project to show the ideas that form the building design, to gaining planning permission, building regulations compliance and the construction of the building.

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What types of architects drawings are there?

Planning permission drawings are the next set of drawings produced and are used to apply for planning permission from the local council. These drawings are more detailed than concept drawings and can take 2-3 weeks to produce.

Building regulation drawings are the most detailed set of drawings and are used to ensure that the project meets all necessary building regulations. These drawings can take 5-6 weeks to produce.

Construction drawings are the final set of drawings produced and are used to guide the actual construction of the project. These drawings are typically produced once planning permission has been granted and can take several weeks to produce. 

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Can architects drawings take longer?

Some firms may take longer to produce their architects drawings. There are  number of reasons why this might be the case and it's important to consider these items ahead of time to avoid delay. 

1. Difficult design problems - sometimes a project may bring about difficult layout problems that are not so obvious to resolve, this might mean the architect will need more time to produce a successful design.

2. Site problems - the site may have additional conditions that need to be addressed, such as public sewers, party walls or other items which needs to be designed around and permissions secured.

3. Additional information from others - drawings may rely on other professionals work such as structural engineer's designs or building control officer's feedback before they can be completed.

It is important that a good architect can foresee any of these potentials right from the start in order to prevent this being the case. 

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Architect's plans will normally take under a month for early stage drawings and up to 6 weeks for detailed construction drawings.

It's important to note that the length of time it takes for an architect to draw up plans can vary depending on the complexity of the project. However architects drawings will often be produced very quickly and to a very high standard.

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