House extension plans: where to get them

Have you ever wanted to add on to your home? Or have you always wanted to build your dream home from your current house? Finding someone with design flair can help you get the house extension plans you need to turn your house into a practical, beautiful space.

If you are serious about building your dream house extension, you will need plans or drawings of the house extension design you wish to build.

These plans will be used for many things including:

- Reviewing and confirming your house extension design.
- Gaining planning permission for your house extension.
- Building the house extension.

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Architect House Plans

Do I need an Architect to draw house extension plans?

House extension plans can be drawn by a select set of professionals at different stages of the project. Early stages can be a great time to even try it yourself if it helps you make sense of what you want. 

Generally speaking, house extension plans should be checked and drafted by the following professionals at each major stage:

- Getting ideas - anyone including yourself.
- first draft layout plans - architectural draftsman, Architects.
- Planning application plans - architectural draftsman, Architects.
- Building regulations plans - architectural technologists, Architects
Construction plans - Architects

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Find Architect Plans

How do I make sure my house extension plans are good quality?

It is important that house extension plans are of professional quality at all stages, but particularly in the later stages.

Even if you are unfamiliar with Architects plans and house extension drawings, you should still take the time to review them. Here are a few things to look for to make sure your house extension plans are good quality.

- Are the labels clear and correct?
- Are the house extension plans using the correct measurements of your house?
- Is there a north arrow?
- Is there a scale bar?
- Are the house extension plans easy to read?
- Is there any information missing from the plans? e.g. items you asked for in your project?
- Are the graphics on the house extension plans clear and correct?

Asking these questions when reviewing the drawings will help you establish whether the Architect or professional is good at their job.

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How to get house extension plans

I have house extension plans, do I need anything else? 

While producing house extension plans and other construction drawings is one of the main things you need when building a house extension, you will need other services as well in order to make sure your project is a success, these include but are not limited to:

- A measured survey of the building
- Planning application submission and management.
- Building regulations information and specification.
- Plumbing, electrical and other plans.
- Structural engineers report.
- A Schedule of works. 
- Sourcing a builder.

Our Architect's service provides for everything from the start to the finish of your project. We manage all stages of house extension projects so that you don't have to face the stress yourself.

Additionally, we offer additional services such as:

- Free CGI images of your house extension designs.
- Free CGI animations of your house extension designs.
- Free advice on the entire process

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