House extension planning permission guide

Want to extend your home but don’t know where to start? With rules such as planning permission and building regulations, you’ll want to ensure everything on your house extension is designed correctly from the outset.

Gaining planning permission approval for your house extension is the first milestone to achieving your construction goals. 

Understanding planning permission rules and how your house extension fits into them is key to making sure your project is both acceptable to you and your local council. 

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What is planning permission and do I need it?

Planning permission in the UK can be summarised as the rules a new construction project needs to abide by in order to be acceptable to the UK government and the local council. 

Some house extension projects may not need planning permission and instead can be completed through whats called permitted development. For more information about this check out our guide here. 

Most house extensions larger than 3 meters will need planning permission approval.

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How do I apply for planning permission for my house extension?

In order to apply for planning permission on a house extension, you will need to do a few things. These include:

- Filling out a householder planning application form.
- Have drawings created of your existing house.
- Have drawings created of the proposed house extension.
- Submit everything on the UK planning portal.

Most professionals and architects will guide you through and manage this process, often using the design drawings they drafted for your new house extension.

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Can an Architect help me gain planning permission for my house extension? 

In almost all cases, an experienced Architect can help you increase your chances of gaining planning permission approval. furthermore, they can typically ensure you get everything you are aiming for with your house extension. 

Ways an Architect can help with your planning application include:

- Getting a bigger size for your house extension approved.
- Getting permission for your preferred materials and design.
- Taking the stress and work out of managing a planning application.
- Addressing any problems that may arise using expert knowledge.

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