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Blackburn is a large industrial town located in Lancashire, England boasting cathedrals and industrial heritage. An architect local to the area can help make sure your project goes smoothly with project design, managing your planning application and coordinating construction. We can help take the stress out of building.

We offer a broad range of services which include:

- Domestic House extensions from planning to construction.
- Planning applications and managing additional consultants.
- Project management and construction contract administration.
- Refurbishments and home improvement works.
- Sustainable Design, PassivHaus, EnerFit and NZeb.
- Historical buildings and listed building work, including advice on feasibility.
- Brownfield, Agricultural land and greenbelt applications.
- Shopfront and commercial space design.
- Works to conservation areas and sensitive protected areas.
- Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.
- Areas within the Green Belt.

Improving you home instead of moving can be  a more cost-effective and time efficient method to achieving your dream home. With an experience architect practice we can provide our skills and knowledge to make this happen. This can include making more of your space, larger extensions at planning and budget friendly design through clever construction design and strategy. 

Almost all houses can provide open plan spaces, extensions, beautiful views and light. The key is how to design around the building, win planning permission, achieve building regulations standards and finding the right builder. We can provide our experience in all these areas and more to take the stress out of construction.


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