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3 meter house extension: Ultimate Guide

If you have always dreamed of having an open plan kitchen dining space and you have the land to do it, a 3 meter house extension can be the perfect amount of space to turn a small townhouse or terraced house into the modern home you've been dreaming of.  

Why Extend your home by 3 meters?

There are many reasons why you might consider extending a 3 meter home extension. The primary reason is benefit of permitted development.

Permitted development rights give homeowners the ability to do certain work without needing planning permission. For house extensions this normally means 3 meter maximum depth from the existing house.

It can be surprising just how much a small extension like this can do for you house, successful examples can be seen on lots of Victorian townhouses, mews housing semi-detached and even narrow attached housing.

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3 Meter House Extension Garden

Get to know your property

Whether it's the architect or yourself, understanding your property, its layout, materials and location will help you create the most successful house extension.

UK houses vary in condition. It is recommended that a structural survey is carried out on your house before you begin extension plans. This highlight any issues with your structure which can be fixed as part of the project. 

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Victorian House Extension

Consider your budget and develop a brief

The first thing that homeowners usually consider when extending their home is, how much space do I need? and what will it cost?

Both of these considerations are hugely important. Create a project brief which gives your lower bracket budget and the main rooms you are looking to create. Even with a small 3 meter house extension, a good architect can make sure you make the most of the space you have, don't be afraid of ambition in your brief!

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Plan A House Extension

Planning an extension under permitted development rights

While it is possible to plan your own 3 meter house extension. It is recommended that you seek professional help designing and drawing from an Architect.

Either way – when planning a 3 meter house extension, making the new space work and compliment your existing house will ensure the best possible plan.

This might mean opening the back wall of a terraced house to make the space in the extension larger. For a Victorian house this might be a separate room with a glass roof. Make sure the new design works with what is already working in the house.

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House Extension Library

Submitting a 3 meter house extension for prior approval of certificate of lawful development

Once your Architect (or you) have the drawings ready and you are happy with the design. We recommend submitting your drawings to you local council for prior approval of lawful development approval.

While you technically do not need this, we recommend it as a way to confirm everything with your house extension is acceptable. Moreover, this will ensure the 3 meter house extension is clearly documented as part of the property should you wish to sell your home later.

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House Extension Staircase Ideas

Building regulations for a house extension

Once you have permitted development out of the way for your extension, the next step is getting building regulations compliance for your project.

It is advised – in all circumstances – to have an architect or construction professional managing this part of the work as it provides the construction level drawings and information a builder will use to construct your house extension.

For a 3 meter house extension, you will also need a building control officer and a structural engineer to provide input.

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How to get building regulations for house extension

Building your 3 meter house extension

You have now got past all the red tape! Congratulations! With all of your information in place a builder can now take your documentation and build your house extension.

When choosing a builder, be sure to check for references and previous work in order to make sure they are reliable. Always check the contract you intend to sign with your builder. An Architect can manage the hiring and ongoing process with a builder and can be a valuable service if you are not familiar with trades.

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3 Meter House Extension Build

Furnishing a 3 meter house extension

Once your house extension is complete, you can focus on adding your own personal touches to your new home. You can find lots of inspiration for how to do this using mood boards or your Architects designs and advice.

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House Extension Furniture Design

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